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Sherlock Holmes

Fiction  From 1886 

Originally named Sheridan Hope, then Sherringford Holmes and finally Sherlock Holmes. Created by Arthur Conan Doyle, the first story was begun in 1886.

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Sherlock Holmes

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221b Sherlock Holmes

221b Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, 1881 - 1904.

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Holmes & Watson - Barts

The incident commemorated takes place in the first Sherlock Holmes story "A S...

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Holmes & Watson - Criterion

Here, New Years Day, 1881, at the Criterion Long Bar, Stamford, dresser at Ba...

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Holmes & Watson - Criterion - lost

The presence of Sherlock Holmes at this unveiling is rather misleading since ...

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Saville Theatre - Holmes

Ornamental Passions thinks this probably represents Tod Slaughter in the role...

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