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Before the 2012 Olympics started the Royal Mail committed to turn a red post box gold for each British Gold medal, Olympic and Paralympic.  In the event this meant that over 100 boxes turned colour.  Each one is associated with a particular gold medal and has been chosen to be close to the medallist's home town/borough.  Here's the map.  We don't believe that the Royal Mail despatched an employee with a pot of gold paint the instant the medallist crossed the line but they have said the colour is permanent.

The Royal Mail have their own website of memorials, nationwide: .

2022: Londonist have posted (ha ha) an excellent page on postboxes

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Anthony Trollope - pillar box - Piccadilly

This plaque commemorates the bicentenary of the birth of Anthony Trollope (18...

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Anthony Trollope - pillar box - Strand

5 similar plaques have been erected.

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Charlotte Dujardin gold post box

{On plaque attached to side of box:} This post box has been painted gold by R...

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Gold post box - Stratford

This post bix has been painted gold by Royal Mail to celebrate Stratford, as ...

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Gold post box - Westminster

The plaque is a nasty modern thing, as they are on all these Olympic boxes, s...

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