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Robert Hanbury

Robert Hanbury

Person  Male  Born 1796  Died 1884

Categories: Philanthropy

Nephew to Sampson Hanbury (1769-1835) from a family of Quaker merchants, bankers and brewers. Sampson had taken on the brewery in Brick Lane which had been there since the 17th century. Robert joined the brewery in 1819/20 and when in 1835 Sampson died childless, Robert was the heir. Reintroduced ale into the brewery products. Died in the Wapping/Shadwell area.

Don't confuse all the Robert Hanburys: This Robert's son was born as Robert Hanbury (1823 - 1867) but in 1865, on marrying the daughter of an important man he took her maiden name and so became Robert Culling Hanbury. He was a partner in the brewery and an MP. There is also Robert William Hanbury (1845 - 1903) MP. And Robert Charles Hanbury, MP for Middlesex, active in 1866. And probably others.

We found Zythophile very useful in understanding the history of the brewing family. Wikipedia has a page about the Hanbury family home in Ware.

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Robert Hanbury

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