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Marchmont Association

Marchmont Association

Group  From /9/2004 

Categories: Community / Clubs

Aims to promote the on-going improvement of Marchmont Street and the surrounding area for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors and to promote community spirit and a sense of shared responsibility, working in partnership with other organisations that share the same aims. Website.

As at 2020 MA has erected 27 plaques.

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Marchmont Association

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Alexander Herzen

Alexander Herzen, 1812 - 1870, operated the Free Russian Press from this buil...

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Bloomsbury Group - Brunswick Square

Keynes's brother Geoffrey also lived here. The house was occupied by at least...

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Boulton & Park

These streets become almost impassible during London Fashion week when the Ha...

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Charles Fort - blue

Charles Fort, 1874 - 1932, American writer and founder of Forteanism, the stu...

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Charlotte Mew

Charlotte Mew, 1869 - 1928, poet, lived here, 1869 - 1890. Marchmont Association

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