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London Wall

Building  From 200 

Categories: London Wall, Romans

This Alan Eisen flickr page will take you on a walk of the Wall, showing many of the blue-bordered plaques.

The Museum of London created a 2 mile long London Wall Walk in 1983, marked with 23 lovely, blue-bordered, tiled information panels. The accompanying booklet is now out-of-print and the Wall Walk panels have deteriorated or have been removed but a few still exist. The booklet is available as a pdf. 2017: we are sad to see that neither of those links works anymore.

Spitalfields Life have a good post gathering together lots of Roman things in London.

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London Wall

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Site of Cripplegate, demolished 1760. Corporation of the City of London

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London Wall Garden

{illegible} . . . St Alphage . . . . . . .ning parts of . . .Old Roman City W...

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London Wall Walk - 2 - Trinity Place

To the right of our picture there is a section of London Wall with a modern i...

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London Wall Walk - 7 - Bevis Marks

No visible bit of the Wall that we could see. On our London Wall page is a li...

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Moor Gate

Site of Moor Gate, demolished 1761. Corporation of the City of London

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