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John Pierpont Morgan

Person  Male  Born 17/4/1837  Died 31/3/1913

Categories: Commerce, Philanthropy

Countries: Italy, USA

International banker and philanthropist. Inherited a fortune from his father Junius S. Morgan and then made so much more that his wealth was only exceeded by John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.

Was booked on the Titanic but cancelled his ticket the day before the ship sailed. He owned the company that owned the ship and there is a suggestion that he knew it was not safe to travel. A fire had been burning in a coal bunker for 10 days prior to departure, despite all attempts to put it out. It is said that Morgan gave instructions for the ship to travel at full speed in order to reach New York before the fire became unmanageable. This speed, together with too few look-outs meant that by the time the ice-berg was spotted there was not enough time to avoid it.

Born Hartford, Connecticut,. Died Rome, Italy.

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