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Greenman Street Baths / Tibberton Baths

Building  From 1895  To 1984

Categories: Sport / Games

From London Gardens On-line: "... Tibberton Square until the 1890s when the west side with Wontner's Villa was purchased for new public baths, after the Baths and Wash-Houses Act of 1846-7, which required that these be provided for the community. The villa was demolished in 1894 and the Baths opened in 1895.... When Greenman Street Baths were closed, Wontner Close was built on part of the site in 1987."

Tibberton Square is the lovely, almost enclosed square of Georgian terraces to the north west of Greenman Street and Popham Road.  Wontner Close is the little road to the south-east of the framework's current location.  So we deduce that in 1987-8, rather than dispose of the metal framework it was decided to move it across Wontner Close and re-erect it in this small open space.

Forum where people remember these old baths.

Our picture is ©chris dorley-brown and we are very grateful for Chris's permission to use this amazing picture.  We believe it was created from multiple photographs.  Chris's Flickr page is the place to go for Hackney street views.

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Greenman Street Baths / Tibberton Baths

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Greenman Street Baths

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