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Edmund Spenser

Person  Male  Born 1552  Died 13/1/1599

Categories: Poetry

Countries: Ireland

Poet.  Probably born in East or West Smithfield. Best known for the epic poem 'The Faerie Queene'.  When Queen Elizabeth failed to arrange payment ("a reason") for a poem he wrote:

I was promis'd on a time,
To have a reason for my rhyme:
But from that time unto this season,
I had neither rhyme or reason.

1580 began work as an administrator in Ireland where he lived until his death, returning to England regularly.  He published nothing during his first 10 years there.  Died Westminster.

In 1938 his tomb in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner was opened by people searching for items, such as pens, supposedly placed there at the time of his burial, by other poets, such as Shakespeare. Nothing was found.

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