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Rotherhithe Tunnel - north

Rotherhithe Tunnel - north

E14, Branch Road

The plaques are on the stone pillars either side of the entrance; plaque 1 to the left in our photo and plaque 2 to the right. The strange arch is actually part of the cutting edge of the tunnelling shield that was used to dig the tunnel.

There is an almost identical pair of plaques at the southern entrance to the tunnel. The difference being that the texts about the cutting edges makes it clear that one tunnelling shield was used for the tunnel south of and under the river, while another one was used for the tunnel north of the river. We are not even sure that fact is interesting enough for an extremely nerdy London quiz.

A third abandoned tunnelling shield can be seen and walked through in a tunnel at Bank tube station.

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This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Rotherhithe Tunnel - north

Information Memorials

Rotherhithe Tunnel - north - 1

Rotherhithe Tunnel The cast steel segments of which this arch is built formed...

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Rotherhithe Tunnel - north - 2

Rotherhithe Tunnel commenced in 1904 and opened in 1908 by His Royal Highness...

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