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WW1 gates at BMA British Medical Association

Gates: WW1 gates at BMA
War Memorial

Erection date: 13/7/1925


{On a shield in the centre of the gates, on the inside:}
Faithful hath been your warfare.
{and on the outside:}
Memory and praise.

{On a plaque to the right of the gates:}
The Gates of Remembrance
These gates were erected in 1925 in memory of the 574 members who gave their lives in the First World War, 1914 - 1918. They enclose the Court of Honour in which stands the memorial dedicated in 1954 to the medical men and women of the British Empire and Commonwealth who gave their lives in the Second World War, 1939 - 1945.
The gates were restored in 1995, the 50th anniversary year of the end of the Second World War.
Dedicated July 1925
Rededicated October 1995
Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens R.A.
Manufactured by the Birmingham Guild
Restored by Paul Dennis & Sons

2019: We are grateful to Justin Barkham who pointed out that we had incorrectly transcribed the text on the shield as 'Memory and peace' rather than the correct 'Memory and praise'. We quite like our version but prefer to be correct.

Site: British Medical Association (4 memorials)

WC1, Tavistock Square

The BMA courtyard is not accessible to the public but one can see the fountain, the memorial gates and the clock by peering through the first set of gates. Lutyens was commissioned by the Theosophical Society to design the building, completed in 1925, which is now BMA House. The unfinished site was bought by the BMA who commissioned Lutyens to finish it. They then commissioned another architect for the buildings that front Tavistock Square.

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WW1 gates at BMA

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WW1 gates at BMA

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WW1 gates at BMA

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