Leverton arch

St Giles - Leverton arch Leverton arch

{ This inscription, on the reverse of the tympanum, is difficult to read but there is only one very doubtful - "Owten".}

This gate, formerly erected in High Street, AD 1800,
John Lord, Bishop of Chichester, DD, Rector,
W. L. Owten, William Leverton - Churchwardens,

was rebuilt in this place AD 1865,
Anthony W. Thorold MA Rector,
J. F. Corben, Thomas Wilson - Churchwardens.

This 1800 arch was designed by one of the churchwardens at the time, Leverton, and was originally at the northern entrance on St Giles High Street.

Our attention was drawn to this curiosity by Ornamental Pleasures. Go there for more pictures and history.

Site: St Giles - Leverton arch (1 memorial)

WC2, Flitcroft Street, St Giles Church

The story behind this arch and the carved relief of the Resurrection in the tympanum is given at northern entrance. The tympanum currently holds a (plaster?) copy of the relief - the original can be seen inside the church vestibule. It is a lively, energetic, deep relief, well worth some time.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Leverton arch

Subjects commemorated Information

Leverton arch

Designed in 1800 by Leverton, one of the churchwardens at the time. Original...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Leverton arch

Created by Information

J. F. Corben

Churchwarden at St Giles Church in 1865.

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William Leverton

Architect, builder and surveyor. Churchwarden at St Giles Church in 1800.

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John Lord, Bishop of Chichester

Rector of St Giles Church in 1800.

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Created the tympanum at St Giles Church in 1800.

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W. L. Owten

Churchwarden at St Giles Church in 1800.

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