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Wiliam Whiteley - sculpture Whiteley Village

Sculpture: Wiliam Whiteley - sculpture


{Below the feet of the seated woman:}

{{On the back:}

Maybe on an overcast day it would be possible to photograph the north facing front of this sculpture, but on this glorious August day we stood no chance - and we note that there are no close-ups of it on the web. So, an opportunity to examine the back of this sculpture, and it's not dull.

The seated lady holds a caduceus in her right hand while her left hand rather carelessly props an active beehive on her left knee. 

A caduceus ((two-winged rod entwined with two snakes) was carried by the messenger god Hermes or Mercury and is used to symbolise commerce. It should not be confused with the Rod of Asclepius (one snake, no wings) which symbolises medicine.

Site: Whiteley Village (5 memorials)

KT12, Whiteley Village

The Listing text says the statue and the relief are of copper, not the more usual bronze. The front of the plinth below the seated lady supports (top to bottom): the relief; the plaque; the foundation stone. The biographical plaque is on the back.

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Wiliam Whiteley - sculpture

Information Created by

Sir George Frampton

Sculptor.  Born at 91 Brook Street, Lambeth. Died at home at 91 Carlton Hill,...

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Wiliam Whiteley - sculpture

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Whiteley Village - foundation stone

This foundation stone was laid by the Right Honourable and Right Reverend Art...

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Wiliam Whiteley - biographical plaque

William Whiteley, the founder of this Trust, was born at Agbrigg, Yorks on th...

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William Whiteley - plaque

The quotation is from Psalm 41.1.

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William Whiteley - relief

1831    1907 William Whiteley {On ribbon:} labora et vive {Latin for: work a...

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