Tyburn tree - pavement plaque

Erection date: 29/9/1964


The site of Tyburn tree.

2 October 2014: The plaque was restored but we have kept our picture so you can see what it used to look like.

Site: Tyburn tree - pavement plaque (1 memorial)

W2, Edgeware Road

Taking a photo to show the location of a plaque laid flat in a pavement is not easy.  This plaque is in the lower section of the picture, vertically below the red phone box.

San Francisco Call, Volume 105, Number 173, 22 May 1909 at cdnc carries a report of the fixing of a memorial stone at this location, but not the current plaque which was installed in 1964.  There we learn that in 1759 the permanent gallows was taken down and thereafter "executions were carried out on a moveable gallows, erected, as required, in varying positions In the immediate locality."  Could it have been on wheels?

Londonist has a vivid description of the last journey, from Newgate to this place of execution.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Tyburn tree - pavement plaque

Subjects commemorated i

Tyburn tree

The first recorded execution here was the hanging of the champion of London's...

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Tyburn tree - pavement plaque

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London County Council

Prior to the LCC London matters were run by church parishes. The LCC was the ...

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