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Spanish and Portuguese Jews - 2 Spanish and Portuguese Jews Hospital

Plaque: Spanish and Portuguese Jews - 2


A hospital for sick poor and lying-in women formed part of the Hebra Guemilut Hassadim established in 5425 - 1665 - and was located on this site in front of the burial ground of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation, the first cemetery acquired by Jews after their re-settlement in this country.
In 5507 - 1747 - the hospital was established as a separate institution, Beth Holim, and is now used as a home for the aged.

Re-erected to the glory of God.

The Jewish calendar has a different start year (hence the "5425 - 1665") 3,760 years ahead of the more common, Gregorian, calendar.

Site: Spanish and Portuguese Jews Hospital (3 memorials)

E1, Mile End Road, 253, Albert Stern House

Built as a hospital and old people’s home.  The facade is in the style of an early 18th century house but it was built 1912-13, by Castello, also the row of cottages behind, both overlooking the Old Velho Sephardic Jewish cemetery.  The style of the façade references the time when Jews were readmitted into England.  See the Listing statement for more details.  

The hospital moved out to Wembley in 1977.  2013: This building is owned by Queen Mary College and used as student accommodation. 

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Spanish and Portuguese Jews - 2

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Old Velho / First Jewish cemetery

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Spanish and Portuguese Jews - 2

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