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Royal Free Hospital - development Royal Free Hospital

Plaque: Royal Free Hospital - development


The Royal Free Hospital was founded by William Marsden MD in Greville Street in 1828 and was removed to this site in 1842.

The Sussex Wing was erected in 1855 by the Freemasons of England as a memorial to HRH the late Duke of Sussex.

The Victoria Wing was erected in 1877 and named in honor of her gracious majesty Queen Victoria.

The front central block was rebuilt in 1895 and publicly opened on July 22nd 1895 by the Prince and Princess of Wales and named the Alexandra Building.
{later to be Edward VII and Queen Alexandra}.

President: the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava
Chairman of Committee: Mr Justice Gainsford Bruce
Chairman of Weekly Board: Charles Burt Esq. JP
Architect: William Harvey FRIBA
Secretary: Conrad W Their

The spelling of "honor" is not a mistake on our part.

Site: Royal Free Hospital (3 memorials)

WC1, Gray's Inn Road, Royal Free Hospital

What luck that a dental hospital should be housed in a building sporting dentile cornicing! There is a lot of history about this building and institute at UCL Eastman Dental Institute.

A caretaker told us these buildings used to be a barracks - there was a ramp for the horses to access the basement and posts to which they were tied still exist down there. He also said it is scheduled for redevelopment. We confirm that in 1842-4 the Royal Free Hospital moved here into ex-Army Barracks - see the splendid Lost Hospitals for more information and photographs.

The development plaque is in the entrance passage. The fountain and Sussex wing memorial are in the courtyard.

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Royal Free Hospital - development

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Grand Lodge of England

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Royal Free Hospital

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Queen Alexandra

Wife of Edward VII, mother of George V. Born at the Amalienborg Palace, Copen...

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Gainsford Bruce

Judge. Chairman of Committee at the Royal Free Hospital in 1895.

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Charles Burt, JP

Chairman of Weekly Board at the Royal Free Hospital in 1895.

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Royal Free Hospital - development

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