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RA War Memorial Burlington House

Plaque: RA War Memorial


To the memory of those students of the Royal Academy who fell in this Great War, 1914 - 1919. This monument is erected by the members and students.
{There follows a list in 3 columns of 35 names, listed (except for Orchardson who comes last) alphabetically - see the Subjects Commemorated for the names}
{At the lower left:}
Emile Madeline, Sculpt.
H. Tyson Smith, Fecit
{At the lower right:}
Trenwith Wills, Invt.

Site: Burlington House (12 memorials)

W1, Piccadilly, Royal Academy

This building is commonly known as the Royal Academy (of Arts). The wings of the building are occupied by a number of learned societies, known collectively as the "Courtyard Societies". The Reynolds statue is in the centre of the courtyard, the Artists Rifles plaque is to the right of the entrance porch, and the students' plaque to the left. The other 9 memorials are statues ranged high up, along the facade of the building. Left to right: Phinias, da Vinci, Flaxman, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, Reynolds, Wren, Wykeham, with the first and last on the inside of the wings of the building.

We had not known the sculptors until the endlessly knowledgeable Ornamental Passions posted this building.

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RA War Memorial

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RA War Memorial

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RA War Memorial

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