Queen Victoria's shock

Queen Victoria's shock Queen Victoria's shock

6th July 1837

Removed from the Fox & Crown, West Hill.
Presented by Walter Scrimgeour Esq., Parkfield.
July 1896

This coat of arms is a grant from Queen Victoria for services rendered to Her Majesty while in danger travelling down this hill.

Queen Victoria once rested at the Fox and Crown after her horses had bolted down the hill and she had had rather a shock. The landlord, Mr Turner, stopped the horses. And was allowed to display the royal coat of arms as reward.

Site: Queen Victoria's shock (1 memorial)

N6, South Grove, 11

In the Victoria Hall which is part of the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute. This is often used for art exhibitions, etc. so the plaque can be seen then. The plaque's original site, is at the ex-Fox and Crown.

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Queen Victoria's shock

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Walter Scrimgeour

Extremely rich stockbroker. He bought Parkfield from his brother-in-law, Alan...

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Queen Victoria

Reigned: 1837-1901, 64 years. Born Kensington Palace. Daughter of Edward, Duk...

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