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Quakers - garden Bunhill Quakers

Memorial: Quakers - garden


This garden is on the site of Bunhill Fields Burial Ground which was acquired by the Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1661. The remains of many thousands of Friends lie buried here including George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends who died 13th January 1691.

This unusual memorial is made out of slates and shaped to resemble a burial mound.

Site: Bunhill Quakers (2 memorials)

EC1, Chequer Street, Quaker Garden, Banner Street

This garden is easily confused with the nearby Bunhill Burial Ground.

The slate memorial can be seen in the foreground. The large white plaque is further back, on the low wall.

The charming building bears the inscription: "Society of Friends Bunhill Fields Memorial Buildings".

The City of London gives:
The gardens are a small fragment of a Quaker burial ground (which was also known as Bunhill Fields Burial Ground) and which was the first freehold property owned by Quakers, bought in 1661 and used until 1855 for 12,000 burials. George Fox, Edward Burrough and John Bellers were buried there.

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Quakers - garden

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Quakers - garden

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