(lost) Pocahontas statue

Pocahontas statue Pocahontas statue

Erection date: 1956


{On corner behind elbow:}
McFall 1955 

{On brass plaque on green wood plinth:}
Pocohontas - La Belle Sauvage by David McFall

Our photo of the statue in place in Red Lion Square comes from RedLionSquare. The cut-out photo comes from McFall's website from where comes our information about the inscription and that the sculpture is 62" long, bronze.

Site: Pocahontas statue (1 memorial)

WC1, Red Lion Square, 35, Churchill House

This statue was commissioned by Cassell’s Publishers who moved into 35 Red Lion Square in the 1950s. The statue was on a platform at the front of the building. It was moved sometime after 1981 to Greycoat Place, Victoria and later to Villiers House, The Strand. Thought to have been sold at auction in 1996 and not heard of since.

Cassell's building, now (2019) occupied by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, is still there, on the north corner with Drake Street, as is the, now empty, platform on which Pocahontas disported herself. Most of this block had been destroyed by bombs in May 1941. The foundation stone of the new building at no 35, by Lander, Bells and Crompton, was laid by Sir Winston Churchill, 24 April 1956, and the building was named for him. We visited in 2019 and asked the reception staff if they knew where the foundation stone is. They were helpful but had no information. It certainly was not visible either on the exterior of the building or in the remodelled entrance foyer.

Cassells premises prior to moving to Red Lion Square: in 1851 Cassells rented part of an inn, La Belle Sauvage, where Pocahontas had stayed. The building was demolished in 1873 to make way for a railway viaduct. Cassells built new premises behind, but these were  destroyed in 1941 by WW2 bombing. We don't know where the firm was between 1941 and the 1950s.

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Pocahontas statue

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Native American daughter of an Algonquian chief; birth date approximate. Acco...

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Pocahontas statue

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David McFall

Sculptor.  Born Glasgow.  Specialised in portraits.  Died Charing Cross Hospi...

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