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Pithers of Mortiner Street Pithers of Mortiner Street

Plaque: Pithers of Mortiner Street


1914 - 1915
This building, designed by Francis Léon Pither, erected by Ernest Eugene Pither to honour the memory of Sophia Elizabeth Pither, née Bézier.

{On the wall below the plaque, separate from it:}
F. M. Elgood, FRIBA

So who did design this building, F. L. Pither or Elgood? We can find no reference to any other buildings by Pither but there are a few down to Elgood. Perhaps Elgood was the architect and Pither designed the decorative elements, which are lovely.

Site: Pithers of Mortiner Street (1 memorial)

W1, Mortimer Street, 36, Radiant House

This plaque is in the lobby at the left-hand end of the building. Lovely buildings like this sometimes make us wish we had set up a whole different website, about London's architecture, especially when we fail to find out much about the subjects on the memorials, as here.  Rocker Ages found a census return which confirms that Francis and Ernest were Sophie's sons.  And then, 2014, London Details did a whole detailed (obvs.) post on this building and the Pithers.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Pithers of Mortiner Street

Information Subjects commemorated

Sophia Elizabeth Pither

Born Paris, née Bézier. Mother of Francis and Ernest.  1881 widowed and livin...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Pithers of Mortiner Street

Information Created by

F. M. Elgood

Architect.  Other London work: 8-10 Wigmore Street - 1896 and 34 Weymouth Str...

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Ernest Eugene Pither

Art dealer and importer as "E. E. Pither and Sons". 1881 "Commission Agent" l...

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Francis Léon Pither

Architect.  1881 living with his mother and brother.

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