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P&O lamp-posts P&O lamp-posts

Memorial: P&O lamp-posts


{On a steel plaque near the lamp-post:}
These lamp-posts circa 1890 were originally sited in the courtyard of the P&O office 122 Leadenhall Street demolished 1964.

Site: P&O lamp-posts (1 memorial)

EC3, Undershaft

This lamp-post is on one side of a flight of steps. The other side, as you see, is a building site soon to be the Pinnacle. Behind the camera is 122 Bishopsgate, another building site, soon to be occupied by the Cheesegrater. The plaque refers to 'lamp-posts' plural. We hope the other ones will return when the area settles down again, if ever.

The steel plaque with the inscription about the lamp-post is not the one you can see in our picture (“Private property, no parking”), but around the corner, on the wall flanking the steps.  We decided to photo the lamp rather than the plaque, partly because in the reflection you can see the construction site opposite.

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P&O lamp-posts

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P&O office 122 Leadenhall Street

In 1848 P&O moved into their new purpose-built offices at no. 122, design...

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