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New Zealand memorial New Zealand memorial

Sculpture: New Zealand memorial

Erection date: 11/11/2006


{On the standard to the inside of the path:}
This memorial commemorates the enduring bonds between New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and our shared sacrifice during times of war. It is a symbol both of our common heritage, and of New Zealand's distinct national identity.

{followed by the same,in Maori:}
He whakamaharatanga tenei e whakanui ana I nga hononga kei waenganui I a Aotearoa me Piritana Nui, tapiri atu ki to raua tu tahi i nga wa o te pakanga.  He ohu hoki tenei ki nga taonga tuku iho orite ki enei whenua, tae rawa kit e tuakiri ake o Aoteatoa.

16 bronze standards, each decorated with texts and motifs of New Zealand, such as a fern leaf, a manaia figure, a farmer, Anzac poppies, a rugby ball. The cross-section of each standard is that of a crucifix. The front ten form an angled grid with a ‘leader’, the one with the text transcribed here. The other six are arranged in the shape of the Southern Cross, a star constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere and depicted on the New Zealand flag, among others.

The memorial's inscription only speaks in general about "times of war" not specifically mentioning WW1 and 2. But we've made the link since we think it's intended.

Site: New Zealand memorial (1 memorial)

W1, Hyde Park corner

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
New Zealand memorial

Information Subjects commemorated

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
New Zealand memorial

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Paul Dibble

New Zealand sculptor.

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John Hardwick-Smith

New Zealand architect.

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