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Kilburn Bridge Kilburn Bridge

Plaque: Kilburn Bridge


1200s First Kilburn Bridge

Site: Kilburn Bridge (1 memorial)

NW6, Kilburn High Road, Kilburn Bridge

The low rise terrace of shops on the west side of Kilburn High Road, immediately north of Coventry Close are addressed 1-12 Kilburn Bridge. Marked in the pavement with black tablets are: at number 2 - hopscotch markings; number 5 - a compass; number 7 (Totally Wicked) - the bridge plaque (the only memorial and so the only one we collected); number 10 - a sundial.

These are similar in style and must be part of the same project as the plaques for: the Roman Road; the Tricycle Theatre; and Kilburn Wells Spa. That's 8; are there others that we've missed? Please tell us.

However, we think there may be some confusion with the current Kilburn railway bridge and the Kilburn Bridge which used to straddle the Westbourne River in Medieval times. We believe the river crossed the road further south, about where the Marriott Hotel is, between Greville Road and Kilburn Priory, where the road kinks. A pre-existing bridge, or ford, would be one of the few reasons why a Roman road might divert from a straight line so this kink is a strong indicator of where the river ran. This idea is supported by London Underground who have done their map research. If this theory is true, the plaque is very misleading.

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Kilburn Bridge

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Kilburn Bridge

The ever-useful Underground Map gives "Kilburn Bridge once marked the spot wh...

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