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Kensington Library - clock Kensington Central Library

Plaque: Kensington Library - clock

Erection date: 5/6/2000


The clock above was presented on behalf of the Kensington Society by its patron, HRH the Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO, to mark the millennium, 5 June 2000.

The clock can be seen in our site picture and you'll undestand why we chose to honour the plaque with a photo, in preference to the clock.

Site: Kensington Central Library (6 memorials)

W8, Philimore Walk, Kensington Central Library

The library, by E. Vincent Harris and opened in 1960, is the building to the south, the left of our picture. The Library Time Machine must be based in this building so, as you'd expect, have a very thorough post about it.

Chaucer is high up, on the back wall of the massive porch to the west; Caxton in the porch to the right. There is something of a tradition to commemorate on library buildings the great men of books from the past, but these two busts are of superior quality.

The other memorials are in the planted area just to the north of the library: from west to east: Princess Alice Garden - created, Princess Alice - unveiled, environmental, clock.

McMillan also produced the Lion and Unicorn sculptures which adorn the south facade and the gilded figure on the roof holding a star aloft - an exuberant lightening conductor.

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Kensington Library - clock

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Kensington Library - clock

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Kensington Society

"The objects of The Kensington Society are to preserve and improve the amenit...

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Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester

Grandson of George V, and son of Princess Alice. Patron of the Silver Jubilee...

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Kensington Library - clock

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Kensington Library - Environment

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Kensington Library - Princess Alice Garden - created

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Kensington Library - Princess Alice Garden - unveiled

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