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Globe Theatre remains Globe Theatre remains

Ghost building: Globe Theatre remains

On Park Street there's a plaque for the Globe but behind that, and possibly missed by some people, is the actual Globe, or rather markings on the ground showing where it was. One of our pictures is taken from the information display boards which give the history of the Globe and its excavation. There is too much to transcribe and the boards are behind railings so not easy to photograph but we hope you find the graphic interesting. It tallies with our other photograph of the site itself. Here you can see the remains marked by red cobblestones and the projected outer wall of the theatre marked on the ground with a line curving left-right, just below the cars.

Site: Globe Theatre remains (1 memorial)

SE1, Park Street

We are taking this opportunity to introduce a new memorial type to the London Remembers taxonomy: the Ghost Building, where the outline of a building, or of its excavated but buried remains, is marked on the ground in tiles or cobbles from which our imagination can summon up the ectoplasm to recreate the original edifice. We already have a few others: click on 'Types' at the right of the menu bar above to see them. Please let of know of others.

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Globe Theatre remains

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Globe Theatre, Southwark

Created when the lease ran out for The Theatre in 1597 so the building was di...

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