(lost) Freddie Mercury - lost memorial

Freddie Mercury - lost memorial Freddie Mercury - lost memorial

Erection date: 24/11/2009


{On the outside circle:} Freddie Mercury, musician, singer & songwriter

{On the central star:} 5 Sept 1946 - 24 Nov 1991, lived in Feltham, 1964 - 1968

The memorial was unveiled to great acclaim by Brian May and Mercury's mother Jer Bulsara. By about two years later it had disappeared. One reason given was that particularly wet weather had caused it to deteriorate, and the local council decided to remove it. It was later replaced by a much simpler memorial on the other side of the road. Our close-up picture is from this website.

Site: Freddie Mercury - lost memorial (1 memorial)

TW13, High Street Feltham, The Centre

Our location photograph is from this website.  The memorial was apparently "outside the library" which puts it on the other side of this stand-alone building.

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Freddie Mercury - lost memorial

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Freddie Mercury

Singer and songwriter. Born Farrokh or Faroukh Bulsara in Government Hospital...

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