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Egyptian eye in pavement Egyptian eye in pavement

Plaque: Egyptian eye in pavement

Site: Egyptian eye in pavement (1 memorial)

NW1, Hampstead Road

This is a real puzzle. Looks like the palmette in the Euston Road, also in the borough of Camden. They are both outside very interesting and tourist-worthy buildings. Neither arrow is pointing at the building in question but the stones could have been reoriented during pavement works. So we wonder if Camden once introduced some sort of sight-seeing walk, marked by flag-stones like these? Which leads to the intriguing question - are there more? See House Sparrow for the latest news on this puzzle.

The Carreras building normally charms people but not Ornamental Passions, who point out that its site was once the Crescent Garden for the Georgian Terrace behind.

2020: Ian Visits' post on the 200th anniversary of the construction of Mornington Crescent points out that the construction in 1928 of this tobacco factory on a park met strong opposition and led to the "London Squares Preservation Act of 1931, which banned the construction of buildings other than those needed for the operation of the park on designated parks."

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