(lost) Dylan's first UK venue

Dylan's first UK venue Dylan's first UK venue

Erection date: 28/11/2013


Bob Dylan, musician, singer-songwriter, first UK performance here, December 1962.

The Guardian has a photo of Dylan performing at the 'Singers Club'. This club was initiated by Ewan MacColl and was, at the time, meeting at the Pindar of Wakefield.

Site: Dylan's first UK venue (1 memorial)

WC1, Gray's Inn Road, Water Rats, 328

The plaque is in the porch to the left of the building (or was; passing in March 2016 we could not see it so we've marked it as Lost). In 1962 this pub was the 'Pindar of Wakefield' an inn dating back to at least 1680. More recently the Pogues and Oasis also played their first London gigs here.

The unveiling coincided with the last date of Dylan's three concert run at the Royal Albert Hall and he was invited to the 2.30pm unveiling but we don't believe he turned up. 

We've heard that there is also a plaque here, in the basement, to Oasis.

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Dylan's first UK venue

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Bob Dylan

Musician, singer-songwriter.  Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in Minnesota.  He w...

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