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Dunkirk at Teddington Lock Teddington Lock

Plaque: Dunkirk at Teddington Lock

Erection date: 9/5/2010


Second World War.
During World War II (1939 - 1945) the Boatyard of Tough Brothers was at the wharf on the opposite side of the river. In May 1940 Douglas Tough organised and assembled 100 private boats at that location. In 'Operation Dynamo' these 'Little Ships' went to the beaches of Dunkirk with many other vessels and rescued 338,226 British and French troops between 26th May and 5th June 1940. this operation saved our country, enabling us to go on to victory in 1945.

We've read (Telegraph and This is Local London) that on 9 May 2010 this "worn out stainless steel" plaque was replaced with a black granite free-standing monument, unveiled by the Duke of Kent.  Need to go back again.

Site: Teddington Lock (3 memorials)

TW11, Teddington Lock

Our photo shows the north side of the lock-keepers house which has a number of plaques attached. On the left of the north face: Teddington Lock - 1858, and on the right: Dunkirk. On the west face: Teddington Locks - 1857.

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Dunkirk at Teddington Lock

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World War 2

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Tough Brothers Boatyard

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Dunkirk at Teddington Lock

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Prince Michael Duke of Kent

Grandson of King George V and son of George, Duke of Kent. Born Michael Georg...

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Dunkirk at Teddington Lock

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