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Colonial Office - B16 - Franklin Home and Colonial Office

Bust: Colonial Office - B16 - Franklin

Erection date: 1868



Site: Home and Colonial Office (36 memorials)

SW1, Whitehall, Foreign Office

Statues Hither and Thither has been invaluable in identifying some of the busts and most of the statues.The statues are not labelled and we were utterly defeated. Hats off to Hither and Thither!

Built as the Home and Colonial Office, completed in 1873 to the 1861 designs of Sir George Gilbert Scott. On this page we look at just the Whitehall frontage. We have another page for the St James's side. At Speel - Philip, Speel - Armstead and elsewhere, both Philip and Armstead are credited for this sculptural work jointly.

The building has a pavilion (projecting slightly in front of the rest of the building) at each end of the Whitehall frontage and these hold a total of 16 statues, each pavilion with 4 facing Whitehall and 4 on the return, numbered: S1-8 on the first floor; S9-16 on the second floor. All numbering is left to right.

The 19 typanums of the first floor windows each holds a bust, including those in the pavilion returns and the 3 windows in the projecting central section: numbered B1-19.

Queen Victoria is seated in the middle of a sculptural group, at the top, centre of the building, looking down on the Cenotaph.

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Colonial Office - B16 - Franklin

Information Subjects commemorated

Captain, Sir John Franklin

Born Lincolnshire. Royal Navy. Governor of Tasmania 1836-43. where there is a...

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Colonial Office - B16 - Franklin

Information Created by

Henry Hugh Armstead

Sculptor and illustrator. Born Bloomsbury. Executed a large number of public ...

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John Birnie Philip

Born London. Died at home, 280A King's Road, Chelsea. Other work in London: ...

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Colonial Office - B16 - Franklin

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