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Caxton Hall - head 1 - Milton Caxton Hall

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Bust: Caxton Hall - head 1 - Milton

But look at head 8 too, that's also a candidate for Milton.

Site: Caxton Hall (12 memorials)

SW1, Caxton Street, 10, Caxton Hall

The foundation stone is low down at the right hand side of the building. Above each of the two statues is a bust, both of the Greek god variety rather than any particular mortal.

The 8 terracotta portraits, numbered left to right, are above the ground floor windows. We have identified 4 with varying degrees of confidence and we think the others probably include: John Locke, Isaac Newton, John Wesley. But with only hair style, facial hair and collars to go on it's just a guessing game. Have a go, bearing in mind that you are looking for men considered laudable in 1882. And dead - we don't think living men were ever honoured in this way.

Sorry our photos are not too good, but then, we have to say, the terracotta portraits are not the best quality themselves, though not as bad as this one.

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Caxton Hall - head 1 - Milton

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John Milton

Poet, essayist, playwright, historian, and diplomat. Born in the house called...

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Caxton Hall - head 1 - Milton

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