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Churchwardens Churchwardens at King's Cross

Plaque: Churchwardens


{There are two plaques. The stone one reads:}
The parish of Clerkenwell extends 27 feet westward.
Thos Haynes Parker
Wm Croft Fish
Churchwardens, 1845.

{The metal one reads:}
St. M. I.
James Wagstaff
John Savage
John Shadgett
Churchwardens, 1855

We have seen a map showing the London parishes of 1877 which shows a major boundary here but it is between Islington and St Pancras. Presumably the boundaries changed over time and the St Michael Islington parish is nearby so that might explain the "St. M.I. ". Clerkenwell is a good few streets to the east. This is obviously a specialist subject beyond our ken.

Site: Churchwardens at King's Cross (1 memorial)

N1, Keystone Crescent

These plaques are not memorials as such; they mark the boundary between parishes, but they are visually interesting and in such a charming street that we couldn't resist. See also Churchwardens at the Angel.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:

Information Subjects commemorated

William Croft Fish

Churchwarden in Clerkenwell in 1845. Fish, or his namesake, is discussed at ...

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Thomas Haynes Parker

Churchwarden in Clerkenwell in 1845. Insurance papers for 1835 list a Thomas ...

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John Savage

Churchwarden, 1855.

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John Shadgett

Churchwarden, 1855. Andrew Behan has researched Shadgett: John Shadgett was ...

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James Wagstaff

Churchwarden, 1855. Caroline's Miscellany has a post about Wagstaff. Watch o...

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