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Bexleyheath Clock Tower Centenary Bexleyheath Clock Tower

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Alan Patient of www.plaquesof

Plaque: Bexleyheath Clock Tower Centenary

Erection date: 4/6/2012


To mark the centenary of the Bexleyheath coronation memorial clock tower 1912 - 2012.
Bexley Historical Society
Heritage Lottery Fund
London Borough of Bexley
Bexley Civic Society

Site: Bexleyheath Clock Tower (5 memorials)

DA6, Bexleyheath Market Place

The four niches contain, reading clockwise, starting at the north: empty; Morris; Queen Elizabeth; King George V.

London's Screen Archives have a 3 minute film of the opening event, silent of course, but you can join in the rousing "three cheers". The centenary celebrations included a booklet: 'Changing Times: The Broadway, Bexleyheath, 1812-1912', which is very informative and shows some designs for the tower. It contained an electricity substation in the base, for the trams. On opening, of the tower's 4 niches only one was filled, with George V. Epps' speech finished with "I hope to see all the niches filled with busts of members of  the Royal Family.” The Morris bust rather ruined that plan but the Centenary celebrations included the launch of an appeal for the Elizabeth II bust.

Can any Bexleyheathians help us with a question? If what we've read about the George V bust is true, it means that the tower was totally devoid of busts from 1935 - 1997. Can any one confirm this?

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Bexleyheath Clock Tower Centenary

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Bexleyheath Clock Tower

Designed by Walter Epps. It was intended to stand 'as a memorial to the enter...

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Bexleyheath Clock Tower Centenary

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Bexley Civic Society

Environmental group. Founded in the 1970s with the objectives to improve the ...

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Bexley Historical Society

It aims to foster an interest in all matters of historical significance relat...

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London Borough of Bexley

London Borough. Formed under the London Government Act of 1963 from the munic...

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Bexleyheath Clock Tower Centenary

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Coronation of King George V

This is the foundation stone of the tower.

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King George V - Bexleyheath bust

The original temporary plaster bust was unveiled at the tower's opening cerem...

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Queen Elizabeth II - Bexleyheath bust

Sculpted by Frances Segelman and erected to commemorate the 60th anniversary ...

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William Morris - Bexleyheath bust

Morris lived very nearby in The Red House for 5 years. This bust was unveiled...

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