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Bernhard Baron - foundation Bernhard Baron

Plaque: Bernhard Baron - foundation

Erection date: 9/4/1929


This stone was laid on 9th April 1929 by Bernhard Baron Esq. through whose generosity this building has been erected.

Site: Bernhard Baron (2 memorials)

E1, Henriques Street, 71, Bernhard Baron House

The foundation plaque is to the left of the entrance, the war memorial plaque, to the right. The large entrance porch from its design is from the 1930s while the building behind is closer to 1900.

St George’s Settlement was in this building 1930 - 1973. Since then it has been converted to flats.

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Bernhard Baron - foundation

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Bernhard Baron

Tobacco manufacturer and philanthropist. Born in what is now Belarus. His fat...

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Bernhard Baron - foundation

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