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Bart's War Memorial Bart's War Memorial

Monument: Bart's War Memorial


{Entering the hospital from West Smithfield you walk through an arched passage way into the main courtyard. On the internal walls of this passageway there are 4 large inscribed alcoves. Reading clockwise from the north-east these alcoves are headed up:}

These gave their lives for King and Country counting not the cost in defence of right.

{Below this each alcove contains:}

1914 1918

{followed by a list of names.}

{The space in each of the arches has been used for the names from WW2. Each semi-circle contains:

1939 1945

{with a list of names in the centre.}

{See Subjects Commemorated for the names, 112 for WW1 and 56 for WW2}

Site: Bart's War Memorial (1 memorial)

EC1, St Bartholomew's Hospital, North Building archway

The photograph is taken from the central courtyard facing north.

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Bart's War Memorial

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Bart's War Memorial

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