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sinking of the Titanic

Event  From 14/4/1912  To 15/4/1912

Categories: Tragedy

On board were over 2,200 people: 1,316 passengers and about 900 crew.  1,517 lives were lost, including W. T. Stead but not J. P. Morgan, nor Charles Lightoller nor Harold Bride.  The women and children were given priority in the life-boats and those for whom there was no room would have died from hypothermia in the freezing water.

Wikipedia lists memorials at: Belfast (where the ship was built), Liverpool (the port of registry and home to the White Star Line), New York City (destination port), Southampton (port of departure), Washington DC, Glasgow, Cohn/Queenstown in County Cork (last port of call).  there are memorials to to individuals lost on the ship in Southampton, Manhattan, Colne in Lancashire and Dumfries in Scotland. A statue of the captain, Edward Smith, was unveiled in Beacon Park, Lichfield in 1914.

The dining room, a copy of that at Hotel Russell, was designed by Charles Fitzroy Doll.

In 2013 Londonist told of three more memorials in London: “You can also find a plaque hanging inside the Institute of Marine Engineers headquarters in Aldgate, to commemorate the 35 engineers who lost their lives. The Chadwell Heath Wetherspoon pub is named after Eva Hart, a survivor of the disaster who lived locally until her death in 1996. Finally, a plaque resides in the Royal Albert Hall dedicated to the musicians on board the ship, who were subsequently hailed as heroes for keeping playing as the ship sank, in order to provide relief and calm other passengers.”

2021: Londonist reported on a fascinating collection of Titanic-related objects held by the London Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre.

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sinking of the Titanic

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Charles Melville Hays

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Eva Hart

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Father Thomas Byles - home

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