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Silvertown residents killed in explosion

Silvertown residents killed in explosion


Categories: Tragedy

58 local residents were killed and many more were injured in the Silvertown Explosion. We are not aware of any public memorial listing the names of the 58 residents who were killed.

From Newham Recorder, 17 February 2017: "Sheila Simpson, 59, whose great aunt Elizabeth Priscilla Preston was killed in the munitions factory explosion on January 19, 1917, is calling for all the victims to be remembered. ... Sheila’s great aunt was killed in the 50-tonne TNT blast at 6 Mill Road {presumably the Prestons' home} along with her mother-in-law Hannah Preston and her two children, George, three, and 11-month-old Dorothy. The family had stepped into the garden to watch a fire which had broken out at the munitions factory across the road in Crescent Wharf, when tons of trinitroluene went up in an earth-shattering explosion."

This Imperial War Museum page provides details of some of those who died.

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Silvertown residents killed in explosion

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