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Rev. Stephen Charles Rees-Jones

Person  Male 

Categories: Religion

LMA refers to this man in association with leases for Holy Trinity School, 1915 - 26, giving his address as 45 Thornhill Road (the vicarage). Kelly's Directory helpfully informs that from 1926 he held the living at Remenham parish, near Reading, and that he had attended Oxford University. His appointment in Remenham was announced in the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer on 5 November 1926.

An article in a modern day Remenham Newsletter recalls that in 1935 the Remenham Parish Council celebrated the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary with a Royal Tea Party, which included a procession "numbering over 300 people and decorated bicycles followed Mr Brittain's Brass Band to Park Place covered stable yards where the Rector, the Rev S C Rees-Jones dressed as John Bull crowned the Jubilee Queen."

One person, remembering being a child evacuated to Remenham during WW2: "I recall the Rector's name at the time was the Reverend Rees-Jones and his wife, who was a very formidable looking lady, she being the choir mistress, used to rule us choirboys and girls with a rod of iron."

From the River and Rowing Museum we learn that he was still at Remenham in 1948.

In the absence of a portrait we are using what we understand is a sample of his 1948 handwriting.

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Rev. Stephen Charles Rees-Jones

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