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Newlon Housing Trust

Group  From 1967 

Categories: Property, Social Welfare

From the picture source website: "Newlon Housing Trust was established in 1967 when philanthropic members of the New London Synagogue decided to club together to buy properties that could be rented at affordable rates by members of the local community in need of decent homes. The need for affordable housing had been pushed to the forefront of public consciousness by the scandal associated with the notorious slum landlord Peter Rachman and the BBC TV Play ‘Cathy Come Home’ which highlighted the harsh reality of homelessness.

In 1968 Newlon Housing Trust was formally set up. Initially, most of our homes were refurbished street properties that were converted into flats. The first two homes we acquired were in Amhurst Road and Evering Road in Hackney .... the Ashburton Triangle .... was completed in 2006. We still own the two houses in Amhurst Road and Evering Road today, along with around 8,000 others."

Oddly, the Trust's own website does not mention their founder, Philip Blairman.

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Newlon Housing Trust

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