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New River Company

Group  From 1613  To 1904

Categories: Industry

See the New River for an explanation of why the New River Company came into being. Puzzled why the Company should have been so involved in rebuilding after war damage we found the explanation at AIM. The company acquired property along the route of the New River and in 1904, after losing its water supply duties to the Metropolitan Water Board, it re-incorporated into a property company.

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New River Company

Information Creations


Claremont Close - WW2 damage

The charming insignia seems to show a roofscape, including a church, all behi...

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Clarendon Arch - 1682

We are indebted to John Salmon at Geograph for his photo of this arch. The P...

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Clarendon Arch - 1786

This bank of earth was raised and formed to support the Channel of the New Ri...

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Myddelton Square - WW2 bomb

43 - 53 Myddelton Square Destroyed by enemy action on 11th January 1941. Re...

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Sanders House - WW2 bomb

We have also found this lovely insignia at Claremont Close.

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