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King George's Fields Foundation

After the death of King George V the Lord Mayor of London set up a committee to decide on a suitable national memorial. It was decided to erect just one statue and create a number of playing fields, for which the King George's Fields Foundation was set up. Each field to "be styled 'King George's Field' and to be distinguished by heraldic panels or other appropriate tablet medallion or inscription commemorative of His Late Majesty and of a design approved by the Administrative Council." The foundation was dissolved in 1965 by which time there were 471 Fields all over the country. The National Playing Fields Association took over responsibility for them.

2015: IanVisits has a post with lots of photos of the newly refurbished E1 garden which is apparently the smallest King George's Field. There you will also find a useful list of the 22 KGF's in London, of which we have found and published 9. Many of the others are in the outer London areas.

See also Fields in Trust.

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King George's Fields Foundation

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King George's Field - E1

King George's Field

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King George's Field - E3 - Mile End Road

The entrance to the Field is an important part of the memorial aspects of eac...

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King George's Field - E3 - Solebay Street

{On the plaque to the left:} George V, AD 1910 - 1936

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King George's Field - E3 - Tredegar Square - right

The numbers at the right hand edge of the plaque seem to be graffiti.

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