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Jenny Bianco

Person  Female 

Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Southwark from at least 2009. Former secondary school teacher who served 16 years on Westminster City Council. She was Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster in 1993/4. Currently runs a catering business in central London.

Bianco is the first member of the Lieutenancy that we have, knowingly, added to London Remembers so we did a bit of research about it. From Greater London Lieutenancy: "The Greater London Lieutenancy supports the Monarch and the Royal Family in Greater London, and in addition, we are a bridge-builder, connecting individuals, organisations and social networks, to enhance Londoners’ sense of belonging and therefore, increase social inclusion within the capital."  "The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, is Her Majesty’s representative in Greater London and is charged with upholding the dignity of the Crown. Across the thirty two Boroughs (but not the City of London) he is responsible for the promotion of civic, commercial, voluntary and social activities within London and thus is part of the fabric of London in all its manifestations."

"Deputy Lieutenants (DLs) are appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant, at his discretion, to assist him in his duties. They must live within Greater London, or within seven miles of the boundary. Their appointment does not terminate with the changing of the Lord-Lieutenant, but by statute they retire at age 75. DLs are distinguished residents who either have served the local community, or have a history of service in other fields. In particular, DLs should be people well-known in their locality for the service they have or are giving through public life, charitable activity, voluntary service or the uniformed services. It is axiomatic that, having been chosen on the basis of service already given, a DL is expected to continue to serve the community both within and outside the framework of the Lieutenancy."

"Because of the size and constitutional structure of London, the non-statutory title and office of Representative Deputy Lieutenant was created in 1951 by Viscount Alanbrooke. The Lord-Lieutenant selects one of his DLs to represent him in each of the 32 London Boroughs (but not the City). Their main function is to represent the Lieutenancy and occasionally the Lord-Lieutenant at civic and other official functions within their boroughs, and also to promote its voluntary, charitable and youth activities. Find out more at the Representative Deputy Lieutenant page on the website: Representative Deputy Lieutenants."

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Jenny Bianco

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