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friendship of the English speaking peoples

friendship of the English speaking peoples


Note this motto "friendship of the English speaking peoples" is also carved above the ornate portico of this building, to the east of this plaque. Bush House was built by Irving T. Bush of the Bush Terminal Company of New York. He conceived it in 1919 as an international trade centre, a luxurious exhibition centre, with architect: fellow American, Harvey W. Corbett. But the slump made him change his plans somewhat and much of it was built as simple offices. The figures above the entrance, carved in New Jersey by Malvina Hoffman, represent England and America.

Given the American connections and the reuse of the same site, it seems likely that Bush owned this ground at the beginning of the war and philanthropically provided it temporarily for use by the American Young Mens Christian Association before erecting Bush House after the war.

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friendship of the English speaking peoples

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