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Civilian deaths in London caused by enemy action

Group  From 1914 

This page brings together all the memorials that we have for civilians killed in London by acts of war, including terrorism. It is related to a very interesting campaign for a Citizens Memorial "to commemorate the heroism and sacrifice of the citizens of London during the Second World War and in subsequent bombings."

In WW2 28,000 civilians were killed in London so the campaign focuses on that war. We've decided to include WW1, indeed it's our chronological start point, else we'd have to include events like the Civil War. We include police officers and firefighters, but only humans, not animals.

Given that this country has not been occupied, not even invaded, during the period we are astonished at how many of these memorials we have on our database, and how varied they are. The sheer quantity supports the claim that a single all-encompassing memorial is also needed.

This section lists the memorials where the subject on this page is commemorated:
Civilian deaths in London caused by enemy action

Information Commemorated at

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Abbey Road Depot - WW2 ARP members lost

Bill Wallis is described on the plaque as 'ARP Stretcher Bearer'. Which we ta...

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Admiral Duncan - 3 dead

Andrea Dykes, D.O.B. 30-11-1971 John Light, D.O.B. 27-04-1967 Nick Moore, D.O...

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Admiral Duncan Memorial

Admiral Duncan Memorial

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Balham Station bombing - 1

In memory of the 64 people killed at this station by a wartime bomb 14th Octo...

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Balham Station bombing - 2

{Beneath the London Transport logo:} In remembrance of the civilians and Lond...

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