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Carden, Godfrey and Macfadyen

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Carden, Godfrey and Macfadyen


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Architects. The website of the London-based firm Carden and Godfrey gives "Carden & Godfrey Architects was established in 1946, with projects centred on post-war reconstruction, and we continue to specialise in all aspects of conservation and historic building work..."

Sussex Parish Churches provides information about Godfrey and this firm: "Walter Emil Godfrey (1913-82) was the son of W H Godfrey ... and lived for many years in Lewes.  He studied architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic and after World War II went into partnership with Andrew Carden (1910-96), with a particular view to undertaking the restoration of war-damaged churches and other buildings.  Outside this practice, he appears also to have worked with his father on some projects of a similar kind, such as the restoration of the Temple Church.  As with his father, the practice specialised in restoring and adapting historic buildings, ....  Between 1951 and 1982 N McFadyen ... was also present and in the 1970s his name was incorporated in the partnership."  Our colleague Andrew Behan has added Godfrey's full dates: 13 September 1912 - 6 August 1982.

Neil Macfadyen (1927-2017) worked with the Blackheath Society for nearly 50 years. His obituary informs that he joined Godfrey's firm soon after qualifying, became the senior partner and remained with the firm until his retirement in 2010.

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Carden, Godfrey and Macfadyen

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