The Adelphi

The Adelphi

Site: The Adelphi (1 memorial)

WC2, Adelphi Terrace

The original Adelphi was a large development, even in modern terms. Most of the streets were named after the Adam brothers as was the whole Terrace since Adelphi is Greek for 'brothers'.

The river-facing row of houses known as Adelphi Terrace was replaced with this large modern block, The Adelphi, in 1938, designed by Stanley Hamp of Collcutt & Hamp.

The four giant allegorical relief figures on the corners of the Embankment front are, listed west-east: 'Dawn' -  Bainbridge Copnall; 'Contemplation' - Arthur J Ayres; 'Inspiration' - Gilbert Ledward; 'Night' - Donald Gilbert. Some other sculptural work is by Newbury Abbot Trent.

More information at Historic England.

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The Adelphi


The Adelphi

The Adelphi This building stands on the site of Adelphi Terrace built by the...

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