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Old Public Record Office - 2 kings

Old Public Record Office - 2 kings

WC2, Chancery Lane, Maughan Library of King's College, ex-PRO

Our photo shows the archway holding the two kings with Chancery Lane beyond.  This extension to the building is by Sir John Taylor, 1891-96.

See Old Public Record Office - 4 queens - for more info about the building.

We did not see the royal names ourselves and so could not ID the kings but Philip Ward-Jackson's magnificent 'Public Sculpture of the City of London' gave us the inscriptions.  Edward is above Henry.

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This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Old Public Record Office - 2 kings

Information Memorials

Maughan - Edward III

By 1377 the House of Converts, on this site, was largely unused so the king, ...

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Maughan - Henry III

The building Henry clutches represents the House of the Converts which he bui...

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