Magna Carta & U. H. Broughton - south

Site: Magna Carta & U. H. Broughton - south (2 memorials)

TW20, Windsor Road, Fairhaven Memorial Kiosks

This is a multi-part monument across two sites.   The elements at this site (kiosks and piers) used to be further to the east, possibly where the roundabout now is.  Each pier carries the same text, with the two paragraphs on alternate sides.  See the northern site for more information.  

In Spring 2015, to the right of this picture was a large advertising hoarding for the nearby Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel.  It read: "Magna-Meetings - hosting great meetings at Runnymede since 1215".  Well, someone had to provide the Post-It notes.

This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Magna Carta & U. H. Broughton - south


Magna Carta pier - south

In these meads on 15th June 1215 King John, at the instance of deputies from ...

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U. H. Broughton pier - south

In perpetual memory of Urban Hanlon Broughton, 1857 – 1929, of Park Close, En...

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