Church House, Westminster

Church House, Westminster

Site: Church House, Westminster (4 memorials)

SW1, Deans Yard, Church House

The four plaques are located as follows:
To the left of the entrance - 1937 foundation,
To the right of the entrance - opened 1940 (can be seen in our photo),
In the entrance porch, to the left - UN 1986,
In the entrance porch, to the right - centenary 1988.

Centre front, second floor, is a large high relief figure by Charles Wheeler, representing the Prophet of Assembly of the Church of England (though we can't discover any more about this personage, nor why it's so Eastern-looking).  And below that, some Greek text, about which our language consultant, David Hopkins, writes:

"It’s a direct quote from Luke 17:21 in the New Testament. If you have the right font on your computer it says: Η ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΘEΟΥ ΕΝΤΟΣ ΥΜΩΝ ΕΣΤΙΝ.  In “English letters” this would be “He basileia tou theou entos humon estin”. The translation in the King James version says: “The kingdom of God is within you”, although some academics have argued that a better translation would be “The kingdom of God is in your midst”.  Neither makes much sense to me!"

Googling around suggests the carving may represent Elijah but we need help here.  Why does a building so central to the Church of England carry Greek text and an apparent Eastern religious icon so prominently?

This section lists the memorials located at this site:
Church House, Westminster


Church House - foundation stone

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Church House - opened

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Church House - centenary

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Church House - UN

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