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WC2, Aldwych, Bush House

In our photo the blue plaque is immediately to the left of the left-most traffic lights.

The Bush House complex consists of this central building and a number of wings (at least 5). Built in the 1920s by American businessman, Irving T. Bush, it was designed in 1919 by Harvey W. Corbett, and conceived as a centre for international trade but also for sports, leisure, entertainment and cultural events. The whole complex was not completed until 1935.

The building was opened by Lord Balfour (ex-Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary) on 4 July 1925, American Independence Day. It was the home of BBC World Service from 1940 - 2012, when they moved to New Broadcasting House in Portland Place. Kings College London moved into Bush House in 2016.

To find out more about the spectacular statuary see Ornamental Passions where you will also find some great photos. The BBC page about this building is a good source, as is King's College.

Eagle Hut was on this site before Bush House. And before that? London's great guide, Peter Berthoud, has a page about this area before it was developed: early photos and a map showing the old higgledy-piggledy streets.

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Bush House


Bush House

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Bush House

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